HMS Argyll

HMS Argyll

Based in Plymouth, HMS Argyll is the longest-serving Type 23 frigate in the Royal Navy. Built in the late 1980s at the Yarrow Yard in Scotstoun on the Clyde (now BAE Systems), she was commissioned in 1991.

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Following an extensive £20 million refit in Rosyth during 2009 to 2010, HMS Argyll emerged as one of the most up-to-date and capable frigates in the Fleet, with her structure preserved and her weapons and sensors significantly enhanced.

Over the last 4 years HMS Argyll has conducted three successful deployments to the Gulf, South Atlantic and most recently the Caribbean and North Atlantic.  Her Atlantic Patrol Task (North) deployment to the Caribbean and North Atlantic involved Defence Engagement (including hosting His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales), hurricane disaster relief in the UK overseas territory of Bermuda and a series of  drugs busts that captured 77 million pounds of narcotics.

Prior to her last deployment HMS Argyll was fitted with the advanced ‘Artisan’ radar and, following a period of UK tasking, she will enter a deep maintenance in summer 2015 to further enhance her equipment and maintain her material state.

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HMS Argyll sailor's Cornish running challenge

HMS Argyll sailor's Cornish running challenge

HMS Argyll’s crew patrol awards

HMS Argyll’s crew patrol awards

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Current operation Alongside in Devonport

Currently alongside in her home port of Devonport Naval Base.

Location Plymouth

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Unit History

The First HMS Argyll1715

The first Argyll began life as the Bonaventure, a 38-gun frigate which was rebuilt frequently over nearly a century. The ship was renamed Argyll when she was 65, just before the Jacobite Rising.

Battle Honours1718

Passero 1718

End Of Service1748

After seeing service during the War of Austrian Succession, the first HMS Argyll was towed to Harwich and sunk as a breakwater, bringing to an end 98 years of service.

The Second HMS Argyll1905

It was another 150 years before the name was resurrected in the form of a Devonshire-class armoured cruiser which entered service in 1905.

World War 11914

Argyll No.2 saw action in the opening months of World War One capturing a German merchantman only two days into the war.


Wrecked in October 1915 when Argyll ran into Bell Rock near Dundee, none of her 650 crew were lost in the grounding, but the ship was scuttled by salvage experts.

The Current Argyll1991

The present HMS Argyll commissioned in 1991 and has deployed to Sierra Leone during their Civil War in 2000 and to the Gulf in 2005, as well as conducting counter-narcotics operations.

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Commanding Officer Toby Shaughnessy

Rank: Commander

Commander Toby Shaughnessy joined the Royal Navy in January 1993 as a Naval College Entrant. He is now in of HMS Argyll.

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Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

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Ship's Motto

Ne obliviscaris - Lest we forget

815 Naval Air Squadron

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HMNB Devonport

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Displacement: 4,900 tonnes; length: 133m; beam: 16.1m; complement: 185