Fleet Diving Units 1, 2 & 3

The Fleet Diving Group is made up of three elite units. Fleet Diving Unit 1 (FDU1) is at immediate readiness 365 days a year. Fleet Diving Units 2 and 3 offer maritime force protection to all RN ships and operate worldwide.

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Fleet Diving Unit 1 provides expertise in maritime counter terrorism, dealing with possible terrorist devices. They are parachute-trained and remain at a high state of readiness to move. Whilst the specialities of Fleet Diving Units 2 and 3 are port and harbour clearance, searching berths,  jetties and ships. Both these teams can deploy swiftly around the globe. 

Divers hone bomb disposal skills in Iceland exercise


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Diving in the dark at the Rim of the Pacific

British sailors are currently taking part in the world’s largest international maritime exercise in the Pacific Ocean

Royal Navy in world’s largest maritime exercise RIMPAC

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CO Fleet Diving Squadron Chris O'Flaherty

Rank: Commander

Commander Chris O'Flaherty joined the Royal Navy in 1987, he assumed command of the Fleet Diving Squadron in February 2014.

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CO Fleet Diving Group Kevin Stockton

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Stockton joined the Royal navy in 1983.

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Mine Clearance Diver

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