HMS Astute

HMS Astute

HMS Astute, as first of class, has finished her extensive trials package and has recently become a fully operational submarine having completed the final stage of operational training during early 2014.

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The successful training package highlighted much of the potential that the Astute class has to offer for the future and has meant that Astute has been able to commence the first ever ‘A boat’ operational deployment scheduled to last over the course of the spring and summer.

The deployment is set to cover much of the Mediterranean as well as further east through the Suez Canal.

In the early part of 2012 she proved her ability to prepare and launch tomahawk missiles, successfully firing two missiles from the Gulf of Mexico and accurately hitting the targets on the test range in Northern Florida.

HMS Astute has been described as 'more complex than the Space Shuttle' and is arguably the finest attack submarine in the world today – and a sign of how far the Silent Service has come in a century, as Astute's keel was laid almost exactly 100 years to the day after the keel of Holland 1, the first RN submarine, was laid at the same yard in Barrow.

Veteran of wartime submarine visits modern namesake


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Unit History


The current vessel is only the second vessel to be named Astute.
Amphion-class diesel-electric boat HMS Astute was launched on 30 January 1945 and commissioned on 30 June the same year. 


The class, with some modifications, served successfully until 1974 when the last, HMS Andrew, was decommissioned. As for Astute, she was sold on 2 September 1970 and broken up.

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Commanding Officer Gareth Jenkins

Rank: Commander

Commander Jenkins joined the Royal Navy in 1999. He took command of HMS Astute in August 2014.

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Top speed 30 knots or 54km/h submerged.


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