Commando Logistic Regiment

Commando Logistic Regiment (CLR) is based at Chivenor in North Devon. It is home to about 620 personnel from all three services, including Mechanical Engineers, Medics and Logisticians.

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No other unit has such an eclectic mix of cap badges working together.

The Regiment’s purpose is to provide every aspect of combat service support for 3 Commando Brigade, anywhere in the world. In particular the Regiment’s aims are to provide support for brigade amphibious operations when sea based, during offload across a beach or port and over a large battle space on land.

CLR has proven the importance of its existence and roles in recent operations in Afghanistan. The Regiment deployed in its entirety on Operation Herrick 9 and the men and women of CLR RM were granted seven honours and awards in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Royal Marines' challenge of the toughest

Royal Marines' challenge of the toughest


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North Devon Royal Marines launch Poppy Appeal

Joint helicopter operations on Cougar 13

Joint helicopter operations on Cougar 13

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Operation Training

The ship and her company are being put through their paces in preparation for returning to the front line.

Location UK

Royal Marines 350

This year the Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary. 350 years of unbroken service, of protecting the Nation's security. 350 years of timeless distinction. 

350 years of the Royal Marines

Commanding Officer Dominic May

Rank: Colonel

Dominic May joined the Royal Marines in 1983, he assumed command of the Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines in March 2012.

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