RFA Gold Rover

RFA Gold Rover

Currently deployed to the South Atlantic, RFA Gold Rover stands ready to support Royal Navy warships operating in the region and will remain on task until 2017 when she comes to the end of her career.

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At present there are two Royal Navy vessels in the South Atlantic, Her Majesty’s Ships Clyde and Lancaster, protecting and reassuring the residents in the UK Overseas Territories of the Falklands, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha and Ascension Islands.

During the past six months Gold Rover has travelled from Simon’s Town in South Africa - where the ship undertakes a lot of her maintenance - to the Falkland Islands where she loaded cargo to support HMS Lancaster.

The ship remained in the Falkland Islands for a few weeks where she was able to support the commemorations for Liberation Day and the bombing of RFA Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram during the Falklands Conflict.

On leaving the Falklands she travelled back to South Africa in company with HMS Lancaster, and conducted various exercises with the South African Navy.

The next phase of the deployment was for the two ships to head north up the west coast of Africa calling first at Lobito in Angola, where we assisted Lancaster in strengthening the bonds with one of the world’s fastest growing economies whilst providing opportunities to build on previous training provided by RN visits to the Angolan Navy.

She then went to St Helena, where her crew helped the islanders commemorate the arrival of Napoleon two hundred years ago, thus reinforcing the positive relationship between the RN, RFA and the inhabitants of St Helena.

On leaving St Helena, Gold Rover went on to Ascension Island to load stores for both ships before heading into the Gulf of Guinea to continue regional engagement opportunities.

She is now taking part in Exercise NEMO, which is designed to improve cooperation between European and African nations.

The exercise involves several boarding exercises on Gold Rover by African patrol boat boarding teams, and multiple replenishments at sea serials with the French Warship the FS Mistral.

Into the future she will assist with wider Navy exercises with vessels from numerous countries, continuing to build relations before returning to the Falkland Islands ready to support the next warship to head to the South Atlantic.

RFA Cadets and junior RN officers trade places

RFA Cadets and junior RN officers trade places as their ships sail through the South Atlantic


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Unit History

Ship Launch1973

7 March, 1973

Ship Commissioned1974

22 March, 1974

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RFA Gold Rover is the oldest ship in the RFA Fleet


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