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Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps Plymouth originally catered for the sons of serving Royal Marines, but now it teaches the skills and ethos of the Royal Marines to youngsters in the Plymouth area.

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Although the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps (RMVCC) Plymouth took its current name and shape in 1979, it can trace its ancestry back to the Royal Marines Boys Corps of 1904, which was open to the sons of serving Royal Marines until 1922.

The Corps was disbanded on the outbreak of World War 2, then reformed in 1945.

On amalgamation with the Girls Ambulance Corps in 1951 the new group took on the name the Royal Marines Volunteer Boys Corps, finally taking its current title in 1979.

Once famous for its band, the RMVCC now boasts a Corps of Drums, and aims to teach cadets a range of skills including drill, basic fieldcraft, basic navigation and the history of the Corps.

One weekend members could be on Dartmoor in green patrolling and surviving, the next in blue on a parade square demonstrating some sharp rifle drill.

Royal Marines 350

In 2014 the Royal Marines celebrated their 350th anniversary. 350 years of unbroken service, of protecting the Nation's security. 350 years of timeless distinction. 

350 years of the Royal Marines

Royal Marines Reservist

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It was one of the first of its kind formed in 1904