and found a new one

On a Type 45 destroyer. It’s the backbone of the Royal Navy. I know I'm living and working on the most advanced warship the nation has ever built. It's in the Daring class of ships, and lives up to its name.

I never dreamed of

I've been on operations to hunt pirates and drug runners. Learnt to conquer my fears. I've gone beyond my limits. Done things that've tested my mind and body. Done things my Mum said I shouldn't. And I know I've made a difference.

Explored all 7 continents

I've got stories to tell about the things I've accomplished. I've patrolled waters from Australia to Africa. Seen places that very few will see. It's made me more adventurous than I ever dreamed of.

I get to travel and do something where every day is different. The learning never stops. Life is what you make it. And so is the Royal Navy

Ben, Warfare Specialist