Surface Fleet

The Surface Fleet is one of the world’s most impressive naval powers, made up of aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates.

As part of the Royal Navy Surface Fleet you’ll be key to our operational effectiveness around the globe – in times of conflict or humanitarian emergency.  

Depending on the job you choose, you could be serving on board an assault ship, launching amphibious campaigns involving the Royal Marines Commandos. You could be securing coastal areas from mines on a mine counter-measures ship. Protecting fishing grounds or even surveying the seas on board our hydrographic ships.

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surface fleet

Case study

Mine Warfare Specialist
Mine Warfare Specialist

Christopher is a Mine Warfare Specialist in the Combat Operations branch of the Royal Navy. He joined the Royal Navy because he wanted to see the world – and he relished a challenge. 

His advice to those thinking of joining? "Do your research and work out which job is going to be best for you."


I wanted to travel and do something where every day was different. Not just sit in an office.

Ratings Training

Find out what training you need to undertake to become a rating in the Naval Services.

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Roles by branch



The Royal Navy is a tight knit community. And as its chaplain your ‘parish’ will be a group of ordinary people doing everyday jobs in extraordinary circumstances and places. Your role gives you the remarkable privilege of being friend and adviser to all – regardless of rank. 



From sensitive electronics and information systems to massive gas turbine engines and nuclear weapons. As part of the Engineering branch you’ll be responsible for some of the world’s most cutting edge technology – and keeping it ready for action in extreme, often hostile environments. Where else can your technical skills turn critical situations around?


Logistics and Admin


Protecting our nation’s interests at home and worldwide is a huge operation. The Logistics & Administration branch makes sure that our ships and submarines have everything they need to be operational for weeks – even months at a time. From food, to equipment, administrative support and even personnel, you’ll have to be switched on to do this job.

Royal Naval Reserve


The Royal Naval Reserve is a part-time force of civilian volunteers, who provide the Royal Navy with the additional trained people it needs at times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict.



The Warfare branch is our ‘fighting team’, or combat operations arm, that includes our ships, submarines and aircraft. But this branch also does much vital work in peacetime too, helping humanitarian and aid missions and patrolling waters. You’ll need to be cool under pressure and a confident seaman and navigator.

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