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Want to be there for your country when it needs you and inject some of the Royal Navy’s excitement into your civilian life? Then you’re in the right place.

As a member of the Royal Naval Reserve you could be giving vital logistical support to ship crews, sending detailed signal information to merchant shipping, or planning the landing of an amphibious task group.

Being a Royal Naval Reservist offers you a fantastic way of life. Where you’re financially rewarded for your commitment. Where you’re an indispensable part of the armed forces. Where you will almost certainly experience the excitement and responsibility of being deployed.

It takes dedication, ambition and enthusiasm but there is no better way to get a taste of a life without limits.


Project HERMES Young Officer Training (Reserve) - Summer 2015

Are you 18 or over? Are you free from 11 July to 4 September 2015? Do you want to earn nearly £3000 this summer? 
Do you wish to be an Officer in the Royal Naval Reserve?

The Royal Naval Reserve is seeking to recruit talented individuals with the potential to ultimately be the 21st century leaders in the Royal Naval Reserve, supporting the Royal Navy at sea and on land whilst maintaining their civilian careers.
Project HERMES 2015 aims to deliver an exciting new accelerated opportunity for young people with the potential and the time this summer to train to be a Royal Naval Reserve Officer.

Joining the Royal Naval Reserve by July 2015, successful candidates will spend up to eight weeks on paid Initial Naval Training at the historic Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and with the Royal Naval Fleet preparing, through this accelerated course, for their Fleetboard confirmation as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Naval Reserve and a whole new adventure beyond.

You quite possible already have the potential? We can train you to be "made in the Royal Navy".

For more information, including details of the training opportunities and the types of skills we are looking, pay, paid leave, non-contributory pension and Tax-free bounty, contact your local RNR unit and quote "HERMES".

Joint Cyber Unit (Reserve)

In May 2013 the Joint Forces Cyber Group stood up within the Joint Forces Command structure to deliver Defence’s cyber capability; its Reserve component is the Joint Cyber Unit (Reserve) (JCU(R)) which was announced by the Secretary of State for Defence on 29 Sep 13. The JCU(R) will provide specialist reservist support to the Joint Cyber Unit (Corsham), the Joint Cyber Unit (Cheltenham), and Information Assurance (IA) units across Defence.

The JCU(R) is now seeking to recruit individuals with exceptional verifiable cyber and/or IA skills from three areas: regular personnel leaving the service; current and former reservists; and individuals with no previous military service. Personnel will be selected based primarily on their existing technical knowledge, skills, experience and aptitude for posts in the JCU(R) sub-units.

For more information, including the types of skills we are looking for and contact details of the unit, please visit the JCU(R) web page.

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Case Study

Warfare Officer
Warfare Officer

I did an internship in an office, but it just wasn’t for me. I wanted something a bit more challenging, a bit different.

I get a lot more exposure to the war-fighting side of things. We work in the control room, so we have an input into navigating the sub; we’re also plotting all the intelligence that comes in from outside.

I get a lot more exposure to the war-fighting side of things. I work in the control room, so I have a say in navigating the sub. I also plot all the intelligence that comes in from the outside.

Warfare Officer

As a Warfare Officer, the outcome of the mission and the safety of your ship and crew will be in your hands. Discover what a Warfare Officer's job entails.

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