logistics is the backbone
of our royal navy

When you’re coordinating the movements and people behind a global service the size of a city, nothing can be left to chance. Whether it’s the detailed care of politically influential VIPs, or organising every aspect of a formal dinner, the Logistics Branch is the backbone of our Royal Navy.


To meet this challenge, we’ve learnt to recognise potential, whatever your background, and provide unbeatable training to get the very best from our crew. If you have pride, ambition and a willingness to learn, the Royal Navy Logistics branch could take you anywhere. Literally.  Its people can rise through the ranks quickly and can be relied on to get the job done. And when it comes to life after the Royal Navy, you’ll find your training and experience puts you to the top of the pile for any employer out there.


Jobs back home might sound similar to Logistics roles in the Royal Navy, but in reality they’re a world away. For a start there’s dealing with variety, seeing the world, and revelling in adventure. Then there’s the benefits like excellent sporting facilities, generous pensions and qualifications. The truth is few employers can match us.


The Logistics & Administration branch operates across the Royal Marines, Surface Fleet, Submarine Service and Fleet Air Arm. You may even work with the other armed forces.

FLEET AIR ARM The Fleet Air Arm requires support on ships and bases globally, keeping the Navy in the air.
ROYAL MARINES With the Royal Marines you’ll encounter unique environments, from forward desert bases to Arctic conditions.
SUBMARINE SERVICE The Silent Service is always active, providing the Nation’s last line of defence from beneath the waves.
SURFACE FLEET You could be based anywhere from a shore base in Bahrain to serving on ships around the world.
TRI-SERVICE You could support the Army or RAF wherever they’re on operations.


If you’re considering a career in Logistics including Catering, Hospitality and Personnel Administration, you’re probably wondering how you’ll fit in. The truth is the roles are incredibly varied, and so are the people who do them. But the common characteristics you’ll often find are:

  • Ambition
  • Diligence
  • Unafraid of hard work
  • A sense of adventure 

Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that the Logistics Branch is known as one of the most active branches of the Royal Navy for promotion. And with the highest levels of training for some of the most transferable skills Royal Navy life has to offer, it’s a great way to fast-track your career to make the life you deserve.

Logistics & Admin Roles

  • Chef

    A catering career in the Royal Navy is like no other. The range of opportunities open to our chefs simply can’t be replicated at home. From high volume catering for a unit of Royal Marines on operations, to fine dining excellence for politic...

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  • Chef (Submariner)

    When you could be underwater for months at a time, the role of Chef becomes about a lot more than food. You’ll be at the centre of keeping morale high and health at its optimum. The truth is, for a submarine crew, meals will be something to look…

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  • Hospitality (Steward)

    To most people, the power of the Royal Navy is its hardware - the ships, the submarines, the guns and the aircraft. But our true strength is more subtle than that. The Royal Navy is the front of house for the United Kingdom, forging new alliances ...

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  • Hospitality (Steward Submariner)

    Above and below the waves alike, hospitality is a key role in building morale and maintaining the self-reliant culture that makes a submariner career like no other. Away from port you’ll be managing accommodation, helping officers in the ward…

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  • HR Administrator (Writer)

    The smooth running of a ship or submarine isn’t just about the mechanical systems. Somebody needs to take on the responsibility of running the vessel from an organisational point of view. As a Writer you are responsible for Human Resources (...

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  • HR Administrator (Writer Submariner)

    As the professional administrator (Writer, in our language) of a Royal Navy submarine, you have the livelihood of your crew, security of our nation and reputation of the Submarine Service in your hands. Dealing with legal matters, salaries…

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  • Logistics Officer

    Making sure the men and women of the ship’s crew have the supplies and support they need is just as vital as supplying the fuel that powers the ships engines. As a Logistics Officer, it’s your job to provide what people need, when they...

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  • Logistics Officer Submariner

    Theoretically, a modern-day submarine can stay underwater indefinitely. Its air system is completely independent, generating oxygen from seawater if necessary, and the freshwater and heat is produced onboard too. The only thing that keeps a su…

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  • RFA Steward Apprentice

    The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) delivers vital logistical and operational support to the Royal Navy, wherever they are in the world. As a Steward Apprentice you’ll be part of the highly trained team that’s tasked with planning and prov...

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  • RFA Chef Apprentice

    The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) delivers vital logistical and operational support to the Royal Navy, wherever they are in the world. As a Chef Apprentice you’ll be part of a busy team with a big responsibility, preparing and cooking a wide v...

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  • RFA Logistic Supply Officer

    A Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship is an organisation and wherever you have people, you need efficient administration.

    As the Logistics and Supply Officer (LSO), it'll be your job to make sure your crew-mates all get fed, paid and equipped and yo...

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  • RFA Leading Hand Supply Chain

    As a Leading Hand Supply Chain (LHSC) with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA), you are vital to the operational performance of the Royal Navy. It’s a civilian role, but one where naval personnel all over the world rely on you for essential supp...

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  • Supply Chain

    With ships, submarines and personnel located all over the world, the Royal Navy relies on its supply chain for vital stores and equipment. Delivering this complex variety of supplies - from everyday items like clothing and bedding to defensive mat...

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  • Supply Chain (Submariner)

    With effectively indefinite nuclear power, oxygen generation capabilities, and freshwater-making technology, the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet can stay under water for an incredible amount of time. In fact, the only thing that means they have…

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