Fleet Air Arm

The Fleet Air Arm is the Royal Navy’s aviation branch. It’s all about effective air power and support, both from the sea and shore bases no matter what the weather conditions. It’s a demanding and challenging job but one of the most exciting ones that the Royal Navy has to offer.

Military aviation at its best

From flying helicopters and using sophisticated weapons, including air-to-air missiles and anti-submarine torpedoes, working in teams to be the Command’s ‘eye in the sky’ in combat situations.

To being responsible for the aircraft and the specialist equipment your colleagues depend on like immersion suits, flying helmets, parachutes and emergency breathing equipment. Or being the vital link between the aircraft and base as part of air traffic control.

Whether you join the Fleet Air Arm as part of the Aircrew or as part of Air Operations Support, you will be vital to the success of any peacetime or combat mission.

fleet air arm

Case study

Aircraft Controller
Aircraft Controller

As an Aircraft Controller, Natalie is the link between the jets and helicopters and their ‘home unit’. In her case that’s a ship. She provides all the communications to make sure it takes off, completes its missions and makes it home safely.

Talking the aircraft safely back onto the flight deck, in all kinds of weather, makes you realise how important you are to the team.

Aircraft controllers

As an Aircraft Controller, you’ll be the critical link between the aircraft and its base, whether that’s a ship at sea or Royal Naval Air Station on land.

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From sensitive electronics and information systems to massive gas turbine engines and nuclear weapons. As part of the Engineering branch you’ll be responsible for some of the world’s most cutting edge technology – and keeping it ready for action in extreme, often hostile environments. Where else can your technical skills turn critical situations around?


Fleet Air Arm


As part of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm you could be flying fast jets or helicopters, delivering air power and air support from sea and shore bases. As part of air operations support, on deck or on the ground, you could be offering vital support to some of the most challenging operations in military aviation. Whether behind the yoke or behind the scenes, you’ll be critical to the success of every mission.

Royal Naval Reserve


The Royal Naval Reserve is a part-time force of civilian volunteers, who provide the Royal Navy with the additional trained people it needs at times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict.

Submarine Service


As a Submariner you will be living and working in an extraordinary, covert environment. Where you’ll be part of a close-knit community where lives literally depend on your ability to work as part of a team, safely and with great attention to detail.

Surface Fleet


The Royal Navy's Surface Fleet is one of the world’s most impressive naval powers, made up of aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates. When you join the Surface Fleet you’ll be key to our operational effectiveness around the globe – in times of conflict or humanitarian emergency.  

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