Joining the Royal Navy offers you many incredible opportunities. From worldwide travel, adventure and ongoing training, to a competitive salary and the opportunity to grow as a person. You’ll get many practical benefits, too. Because you give a lot to us, we give a lot back.

Royal Navy perks 

When you work for the Royal Navy you will get many great benefits, including: 

  • Six weeks paid holiday every year, on top of public holidays 
  • Free medical and dental care, no matter what your job, rank or location
  • Up to 52 weeks maternity leave with 26 weeks on full pay and 13 weeks on reduced pay
  • Two weeks paternity leave on full pay
  • Free accommodation while at sea and financial help with your onshore accommodation

You can also benefit from a wide range of accredited professional courses, from entry-level qualifications like NVQs, right through to postgraduate degrees. We may even pay for your studies through our funding schemes while you’re earning a salary. 

When you decide to leave

At the end of your career you can take advantage of our generous resettlement package, which includes up to 11 weeks’ paid holiday (depending on how long you’ve served) and financial help while you find a new job and settle back into civilian life.


Upon joining the Regular Armed Forces (regardless of which Service you join) you will automatically be enrolled into the Armed Forces Pension Scheme.

  • You will not have to pay into the pension scheme
  • You will qualify for full pension benefits once you have served for 2 years
  • The new Armed Forces Pension Scheme is effective from 1 April 2015. This is a Career Average Scheme for Regulars and Reserves
  • An Early Departure Payment is available for members who leave regular service before Normal Pension Age, on completion of 20 years' service having reached a minimum age of 40
  • You can find out more about the current pension scheme and the new pension scheme on Gov.UK

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