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Joining the Royal Navy offers you much more than an exciting and fulfilling career. You’ll also be well rewarded, with competitive pay, fully funded professional qualifications, career development built around your ambitions – and travel all over the world. 

Each of the 94 Rating and Officer roles require different entry qualifications, so whether you have a degree in engineering, no qualifications at all, or want to retrain in a new discipline, we’ll provide you with all the support you need, and pay from the moment you start training.


As soon as you join as a Rating you’ll earn over £14,600. This might not sound that competitive, but it’s limited to the time you spend in training, so we can provide you with the skills and qualifications you need to succeed in your chosen role. Think of it as a well-paid apprenticeship. Once this specialist training is complete, your salary increases to over £18,000, and you could earn over £48,000 as your career progresses.


If you join as an Officer straight from school or university, and successfully pass each stage of training, a typical career will see you earn a starting salary of over £25,000, rising to over £30,000 after 30 weeks of training. After a full year, your salary will increase again.

Additional Financial Benefits

For certain roles, you’ll receive additional pay on top of your annual salary:

  • Additional income for time spent at sea
  • £27,000 joining bonus for Engineer Officers and Training Management Officers
  • £5,000 joining bonus when you qualify as a Submariner

It’s more than just a well-paid job

The perks of being in the Royal Navy go far beyond pay. You’ll get:

  • First-class and free medical and dental care 
  • Six weeks paid holiday 
  • Help with housing and education
  • A fantastic pension
  • Free access to excellent sports facilities

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Pay details

With salaries starting from £14,637 and reaching up to £94,362 if you’re driven, you could do well in the Royal Navy. What’s more, as well as your basic pay, you can get extra money for having special skills, serving in certain specialist branches and gaining new skills. Take a look at what you could be earning for your chosen job.

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    From the very beginning you’ll enjoy many great benefits. Plenty of paid holiday. Free dental and medical care. Free accommodation at sea and help with your shore-based housing. A substantial resettlement package once you’ve decided to leave the Royal Navy. And a pension package that beats anything a civilian employer could offer you. The list of perks goes on.

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      Lifelong learning

      When you join the Royal Navy we will give you all the specialist skills you’ll need. But you can also build on this knowledge throughout your career. And because many of the qualifications you will gain are recognised and valued by both the Royal Navy and civilian employers, you will develop an enviable set of transferrable skills.

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        If your child is thinking of joining the Royal Navy, you’re bound to have questions. What’s involved in the signing up process? What are we looking for in potential candidates? And what will life in the Royal Navy be like?

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          With the Royal Navy’s generous funding and scholarships we’ll help you through your studies – whether it’s A-levels or a university degree. And you can earn money while you do it too. Read on to learn about the many funding opportunities.

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            Sport and Fitness

            Sport & fitness

            If you’re competitive and enjoy sport, you’ll love the Royal Navy. Staying in great shape comes with the territory. You will have the chance to take part in a huge range of sports from badminton to bobsleigh and tennis to taekwondo What’s more, if you’re talented and driven enough, we’ll support you to compete at national, international or even Olympic level.

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