Sports Associations

Staying fit in body and mind will help you stay ahead of the game throughout your Naval career. And because sport and fitness make such an invaluable contribution to keeping the Royal Navy operationally effective, you’ll have allocated time every week to focus on the sports you’re interested in, all the way through your time in the Royal Navy.

With 39 volunteer sports associations to choose from, there is a huge breadth of opportunity for everyone. It also means you can try sports you may never have been able to, and push yourself in new ways. Whatever your role or location, each establishment encourages participation, from grassroots level all the way up to the most elite competition.

Alongside more traditional sports like rugby and football, you can try your hand at anything from angling and archery, through kayaking and kite surfing, to water polo and winter sports. All levels and abilities are encouraged.

A committee of volunteers runs each association, who take care of organising events, training camps and allocating money. Wherever possible, non-public funding is used to support tours where you’ll compete against teams outside of the Royal Navy. 


During your basic training, you’ll receive all the information you need about sports associations and sports and fitness activities. The Royal Navy prides itself on a thriving sports fixtures calendar for you to get involved in. It offers you a wealth of opportunities to suit your role, posting and goals. 

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