Life in the Royal Navy

Working in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life – full of excitement, travel, camaraderie and career opportunities. From protecting our nation’s interests in combat and saving lives through humanitarian missions. To safeguarding home waters and defending trade routes from pirates. In the Royal Navy, what you do makes a real difference.  

What Royal Navy jobs give you

The next challenge. A real adventure. Extraordinary experiences – even when you join as a civilian reservist in the Royal Naval or Royal Marines Reserve. 

Living a life without limits isn’t always easy. Our careers take hard work, discipline, determination and teamwork. The rewards, though, outweigh those of any ordinary job. To find out more about the Royal Navy and the life you could lead, take a look below. Or to uncover the positions that match your skills and interests, use our Role Finder. 

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life in the royal navy

Life in the Royal Navy

Life as a rating

Life as a rating

Ratings are the Royal Navy’s specialist professional team. You’ll play a vital role in operations around the world and use your skills in some of the most demanding environments – while getting the chance to forge lifelong friendships and see the world in your free time. Few jobs are so exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

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    Life as an officer

    Being a Royal Navy officer makes you a part of our command team. You’ll be responsible for the training, development, welfare, morale and ultimately the lives of your teams. And with the training you receive at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth, you’ll develop all the skills to be an effective leader.

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      Life as a royal naval reserve

      Life as a reserve

      Joining the Royal Naval Reserve allows you to combine the excitement and camaraderie of the Royal Navy with your civilian life. So if you want to be there when your country needs you and be financially rewarded for it, the Naval Reserves might be for you.

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        Initial training

        Initial training

        Designed to transform you from a civilian to a fully-fledged member of the Royal Navy, the initial training will test you physically and mentally. There is a lot to take in, but most people find they enjoy this time, learn lots about themselves and forge lifelong friendships along the way.

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          Skills development

          We give you all the specialist skills you’ll need, but you can also build on this knowledge throughout your career. Because many of the qualifications you gain are recognised and valued by both the Royal Navy and civilian employers, you will develop an enviable set of transferable skills.

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            Sport and Fitness

            Sport & fitness

            If you’re competitive and enjoy sport, you’ll love the Royal Navy. Staying in great shape comes with the territory. You will have the chance to take part in a huge range of sports from badminton to bobsleigh and tennis to taekwondo What’s more, if you’re talented and driven enough, we’ll support you to compete at national, international or even Olympic level.

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