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If your son or daughter is thinking about joining the Royal Navy or Royal Marines or if you think that it would be an ideal career opportunity for them and want to find out more - you're in the right place. Read through all of our careers advice and you and your son or daughter will have all the tools needed to make the right decision.You'll be able to get the answers to any concerns or questions you might have and find out more about the opportunities on offer.


Did you know the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines also help police the world's ocean? Or that they're key to delivering humanitarian aid when natural or man-made disasters occur? When your son or daughter joins the Royal Navy or Royal Marines they'll have a chance to play a pivotal part in operations around the world. From patrolling fishing grounds and oil fields to protecting the UK's ports and merchant ships. Not to mention they'll enjoy a fantastic programme of adventure activities, a huge range of sports and global travel.

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Here are some organisations that will support and provide useful advice for families of service people.



The well being and safety of our recruits is our number one concern. Joining the Royal Navy or Royal Marines could be the first time your child has spent a long time away from home and we take our responsibility for their welfare very seriously.

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    Staying in touch

    Our aim is to keep you informed of your child or spouse's progress when they first join us, give them the means to contact you when at sea and for you to phone them in case of a family urgency.

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