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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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Weapons and Equipment

For the varied work they do Royal Marines need a big collection of equipment. In Afghanistan they need rifles, mortars and machine guns; for a beach assault they need landing craft and water-proofed kit.

Rifle The SA80 A2 rifle is the standard weapon for the Royal Marines, able to offer single shots or bursts of fire. Javelin The Javelin is a portable anti-tank weapon that can be used against hovering helicopters. Grenades Royal Marines use grenades to help achieve their objectives. GPMG The General Purpose Machine Gun can be used from a tripod or mounted on a vehicle, and is a gas-powered automatic weapon. It is capable of a sustained burst of fire.

The Dagger The Commando dagger is a light weapon which is less frequently used than other equipment, but is the a potent symbol of the Royal Marines. 81mm Mortar This weapon is operated by two Marines and has a range of more than 5,500 metres. It can fire smoke, illumination or high explosive rounds. 9mm Pistol This is a light weapon used for small arms combat. It weighes 1kg and when it is fired the recoil is used to reload the weapon.