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    12:26 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Exercise Joint Warrior

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    The Gulf

    11:20 GMT - 17 April 2014

    East of Suez

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    British Isles

    10:38 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Home Waters

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    Mediterranean Sea

    14:04 GMT - 15 April 2014


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    Indian Ocean

    11:15 GMT - 14 April 2014

    Search for MH370

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        24 and 131 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers

        59 and 131 Commando
        59 and 131 Commando
        59 and 131 Commando
        59 and 131 Commando

        24 Commando Engineer Regiment and 131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers (V) provide integral engineer support to 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. This support is vital to ensure the Brigade's mobility and protection as well as fulfilling a number of other tasks.

        24 Commando Engineer Regiment is based at Royal Marines Base Chivenor in North Devon and was expanded from the existing 59 Independent Commando Squadron to form a Regiment in 2008. The Regiment consists of 54 Headquarters & Support Squadron and 59 Commando Engineer Squadron. 54 HQ & Sp Sqn includes a reconnaissance troop, a support troop, a signals troop a motor transport section, a resource cell, a training team and a construction supervision cell. 59 Commando Engineer Squadron is made up of 3 field troops and a support troop. 59 Independent Commando Squadron was originally formed at Chatham in 1900 as 59 Field Company. It served with the Brigade in the Far East as 59 Field Squadron before reforming in Plymouth in 1971 as 59 Independent Commando Squadron.

        The Regiment is responsible for all engineer tasks in the Brigade forward area. This includes route maintenance, bridging, water supply, electricity supply construction of field defences and structures, demolition tasks and mine clearance. As well as possessing a large number of skilled craftsmen, the Regiment also has a variety of plant machinery and other equipment. This gives the Unit the capability to tackle almost any form of construction or demolition. Additionally, the Regiment also has a diving team, trained to conduct sub-surface engineering tasks as well as survey rivers and beaches in order to identify their suitability for bridging. The Unit is trained to operate everywhere in support of 3 Commando Brigade. This means regular Arctic training as well as jungle and desert climates focusing on amphibious operations. Essentially the Regiment allows the Brigade to five fight and move.

        What is 131 Independent Commando Squadron RE (V)? The TA unit is the sister Squadron to 24 Commando Engineer Regiment and conducts all the same tasks that are expected of the Regiment. The Squadron frequently deploys on tasks with or to support the Regular Forces in both the UK and abroad. In recent years the Squadron deployed personnel to Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, USA, Norway, France, Malawi, the Falkland Islands, Romania and Egypt on exercises and training with 3 Commando Brigade units. The Squadron has worked hard to build up the reputation of a TA unit second to none with a professional approach to part time soldiering. Its personnel have earned the respect of their regular counter parts with many former Regular soldiers joining the Squadron.




        Military training exercise Joint Warrior draws to a close
        14 April 2014

        Royal Navy ships, submarines and aircraft together with NATO partners...

        Preparations begin for Exercise Joint Warrior
        24 March 2014

        HMS Illustrious, the Royal Navy’s helicopter and commando carrier, and...

        Olympic Rower Serves With Royal Marines In Helmand
        Honours pay tribute to the bravery of Royal Marines on the front line
        23 March 2012

        A Royal Marine who stormed a machine-gun post in broad...

        Thousands line streets of Exeter for 3 Commando Brigade welcome home Parade and Thanksgiving Service
        17 November 2011

        Thousands of well-wishers lined the streets of Exeter as more...

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        It takes a special state of mind to be a Royal Marines officer. Because you will lead your men during vital missions – in all weather, all circumstances and across every terrain. You’ll need to excel in leadership, planning, tactics and...
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        When you join the Royal Marine Commandos you join the Royal Navy’s elite amphibious (landing from the sea) force. Nothing stands in our way. Because our training allows us to operate in some of the most extreme environments. Most Royal Marines...
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