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Trafalgar Class

Our five serving Trafalgar-class attack submarines were designed as Cold War warriors but have adapted to the demands of the 21st century. Based in Devonport, the boat's hunter-killer soubriquet came from their primary role – to hunt out and destroy enemy nuclear missile submarines as well as surface ships. That is still part of their remit, but over the decades they have been kitted out for other roles, including covert surveillance of enemy forces and inshore reconnaissance of installations and landing beaches. Their nuclear power plant generates enough electricity to power a town the size of Swindon.

HMS Talent


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Vessels in Action

  • HMS Talent

    HMS Talent - a technically advanced, nuclear powered ‘hunter-killer’ submarine. HMS Talent is the penultimate platform of seven Trafalgar Class submarines. Launched by HRH Princess Anne in Barrow in Furness in 1988 the Submarine has conducted operations all around the world. The principal role of the ‘hunter-killer’ is to attack ships and other submarines. In this capacity they could support and protect a convoy or taskforce.

    HMS Talent
  • HMS Tireless

    HMS Tireless is over 25 years old but still playing a vital role in the front-line Fleet. HMS Tireless is the third of the seven Trafalgar-class submarines built at Barrow by Vickers. She was launched on 17 March 1984, so she has been plying her trade in the Royal Navy for more than a quarter of a century, but a lengthy overhaul of her propulsion, weapons systems and sensors put her in good shape for the gruelling programme of training and trials which followed.

    HMS Tireless
  • HMS Torbay

    HMS Torbay is one of the Royal Navy's seven nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarines. HMS Torbay is entering her 25th year of service and remains a force to be reckoned with. Fitted with a world-beating sonar suite, essentially her ears, the system is so sensitive she can hear vessels over 50 miles away – equivalent to listening to a car leaving our base port of Plymouth and being able to track it all the way up the A38 to Exeter and beyond.

    HMS Torbay
  • HMS Trenchant

    HMS Trenchant, a powerful hunter-killer submarine with an illustrious ancestor. HMS Trenchant, the fifth of the seven Trafalgar-class submarines built at Barrow, was launched on 3 November 1986 in front of a special guest – war hero Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Hezlet, who commanded the wartime Trenchant with notable success. The admiral would have been struck by the huge advances made between his boat and the current Trenchant, not the least in her propulsion.

  • HMS Triumph

    HMS Triumph is the latest and most capable Trafalgar-Class submarine. HMS Triumph is the last of seven Trafalgar-class submarines, and in March 2011 was prominent in Operation Ellamy in Libya, firing the first shots of Britain’s involvement in the shape of cruise missile strikes from the Mediterranean. She is the tenth RN warship (and the second submarine) to bear that name, the first being a 58-gun galleon launched in 1562.

  • HMS Turbulent

    HMS Turbulent was decommissioned on the 14th July 2012, six months shy of three decades' service. This ended a distinguished career for the second oldest of the Royal Navy's Trafalgar Class submarines, having come to the end of her natural operational life. The submarine’s bell was rung for the last time, the decommissioning pennant lowered on board, a religious service staged and the band of HM Royal Marines from Commando Training Centre, Lympstone, played – all blessed with sunshine.

    HMS Turbulent
  • HMS Talent




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