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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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Vanguard Class

The four Vanguard-class submarines – the Royal Navy's 'bombers' – form the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent force. Each of the four boats has 16 missile tubes and is armed with Trident 2 D5 nuclear missiles; each missile is capable of delivering up to 12 warheads more than 4,000 miles with an accuracy measured in metres. Based at Clyde Naval Base in Scotland, the submarines are deceptively big – almost the same length as the flight deck of HMS Illustrious – and like all RN submarines are steam-powered, their reactors converting water into steam to drive the engines and generate electricity.

HMS Victorious


Displacement (Dived)


Displacement (Surfaced)








Top Speed





Tracker remains Vigilant as she shepherds nuclear submarine safely home
23 April 2014

HMS Vigilant has successfully completed the latest patrol carrying Britain’s...

£79m investment in next generation nuclear submarines
£79m investment in next generation nuclear submarines
16 December 2013

The Defence Secretary has announced £79 million of investment in...

Vigilant completes first patrol in five years after massive revamp
Vigilant completes first patrol in five years after massive revamp
13 November 2013

Five years of toil and training reached their apotheosis for...

Naval Service in Plymouth Freedom of the City parade
Naval Service in Plymouth Freedom of the City parade
23 September 2013

The Royal Navy was cheered through the city centre on...

Medical Assistant (Submariner)

As a Medical Assistant (Submariner), your place in the team is so important that the submarine literally can’t leave port unless you’re on board.  Your role goes much further than just being a medic and providing health education.  All Royal...
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Chef (Submariner)

As a Chef (Submariner), you’ll be part of a busy team with a big responsibility. Your 120 crewmates need three nutritious meals a day. When the submarine is preparing for action, the crew works around the clock, which means you...
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