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The UK's most potent force, we have two types of nuclear-powered submarine. Our attack submarines are fast and deep-diving, while the vanguard-class ballistic submarines carry trident missiles, Britain's strategic nuclear deterrent.

  • HMS Astute

    HMS Astute, as first of class, has finished her extensive trials package and having recently become an operational submarine will complete the final stage of operational training in early 2014. In the first part of 2012 she proved her ability to prepare and launch tomahawk missiles, successfully firing two missiles from the Gulf of Mexico and accurately hitting the targets on the test range in Northern Florida.

    HMS Astute
  • HMS Vanguard

    HMS Vanguard was the first of the four submarines of her class to be launched, on 4 March 1992 at Barrow. As the name-ship of the class she continued to lead the way, carrying out the first Trident missile test firing in May 1994 and the first operational deterrent patrol in early 1995.


    She was also the first to undergo her major mid-life refit, from 2002 to 2004, during which she was fitted with the new Core H reactor core, which will provide the power to see her through the rest of her service life.

  • HMS Talent

    HMS Talent - a technically advanced, nuclear powered ‘hunter-killer’ submarine. HMS Talent is the penultimate platform of seven Trafalgar Class submarines. Launched by HRH Princess Anne in Barrow in Furness in 1988 the Submarine has conducted operations all around the world. The principal role of the ‘hunter-killer’ is to attack ships and other submarines. In this capacity they could support and protect a convoy or taskforce.

    HMS Talent
  • HMS Victorious

    HMS Victorious was the second of the four ballistic missile submarines to emerge from the Devonshire Dock Hall in Barrow, where she was officially 'launched' on 29 September 1993. Based at Clyde Naval Base, HMS Victorious' is continuing the Royal Navy's proud record of over 40 years of uninterrupted nuclear deterrence, as at least one of the four 'bombers' is on patrol at any time.

    HMS Victorious
  • HMS Trenchant

    HMS Trenchant, a powerful hunter-killer submarine with an illustrious ancestor. HMS Trenchant, the fifth of the seven Trafalgar-class submarines built at Barrow, was launched on 3 November 1986 in front of a special guest – war hero Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Hezlet, who commanded the wartime Trenchant with notable success. The admiral would have been struck by the huge advances made between his boat and the current Trenchant, not the least in her propulsion.

  • HMS Ambush

    HMS Ambush, the second of Astute-class submarine, was named in Barrow on 16 December 2010 and launched on 5 January 2011. She arrived in her home port of HMNB Clyde for the first time in September 2012.

    Ambush arrives in Faslane
  • HMS Triumph

    HMS Triumph is the latest and most capable Trafalgar-Class submarine. HMS Triumph is the last of seven Trafalgar-class submarines, and in March 2011 was prominent in Operation Ellamy in Libya, firing the first shots of Britain’s involvement in the shape of cruise missile strikes from the Mediterranean. She is the tenth RN warship (and the second submarine) to bear that name, the first being a 58-gun galleon launched in 1562.


  • Vintage submarine HMS Alliance brought back to wartime glory after £7m refit03/04/2014

    HMS Alliance – Britain’s only WW2-era submarine – reopens to the public today after a three-year restoration project. Around £7m has been spent revamping the boat at the RN Submarine Museum in Gosport, making her appear brand new both inside and out.

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  • HMS Tireless has been tasked to assist in the search for flight MH37002/04/2014

    The Trafalgar Class submarine has arrived in the southern Indian Ocean to help with the search for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that went missing on 8 March.

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  • £300M investment for UK submarine industry14/03/2014

    The UK’s submarine industry is to benefit from more than £300 million of investment to enable it to build the Royal Navy’s next generation of nuclear submarines.

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  • Veteran of wartime submarine visits modern namesake31/01/2014

    Royal Navy submarine HMS Astute recently hosted a veteran submariner from her Second World War namesake.

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  • HMS Talent home from successful deployment27/01/2014

    The crew of the Royal Navy submarine HMS Talent arrived home to a cheering crowd of families and friends in Plymouth today (Monday) after a five-month deployment.

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