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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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    12:26 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Exercise Joint Warrior

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    The Gulf

    11:20 GMT - 17 April 2014

    East of Suez

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    British Isles

    10:38 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Home Waters

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    Mediterranean Sea

    14:04 GMT - 15 April 2014


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    Indian Ocean

    11:15 GMT - 14 April 2014

    Search for MH370

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        HMS Ramsey Crest

        HMS Ramsey

        HMS Ramsey is one of four Royal Navy Mine Countermeasures Vessels stationed continuously “East of Suez”. Operating from a naval facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain, she is fitted with a modern variable-depth sonar, world-class remotely-operated underwater vehicles and decompression facilities for military divers.

        HMS Ramsey pays historic trip to Saudi Arabia

        At the forefront of mine countermeasure capabilities in experience, expertise and technology, she is capable of surveying the seabed to depths in excess of 200 metres and of rendering safe any ordnance found there. 

        HMS Ramsey is permanently assigned to the UK’s Mine Countermeasure Force which is tasked with exercising and developing its capability to deal with threats to freedom of navigation - wherever these might occur – and to protect the freedom of movement of legitimate traffic at sea.

        HMS Ramsey’s current Gulf deployment began in June 2011. Her crew is rotated approximately every six months with others from the First Mine Countermeasures Squadron based in Faslane, Scotland, ensuring that the experience gathered is shared across this niche military community.

        All Royal Navy warships work extremely hard and 2013 has been no exception for HMS Ramsey.  Headline activities include participation in both; the International Mine Countermeasures Exercise in May, alongside more than 40 other nations, and; the biggest yet US-UK Mine Countermeasures Exercise in September. The ship has also visited many regional ports in Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates and has worked closely with the Saudi Al Jawf class of MCMV, which is similar in type to HMS Ramsey.

        Throughout the upcoming Gulf winter of 2013-14, HMS Ramsey will receive a major upgrade to her strategic communications capability, substantially improving her ability to share information quickly when working in a task group. 

        The ship’s three year Gulf deployment is due to end around autumn 2014. Until then, she will sustain the usual busy schedule of seabed surveys interleaved with international and bilateral exercises. The exercises will continue to enhance engagement and capability-building with Gulf Cooperation Council navies, reassuring Gulf regional powers of the UK’s enduring commitment to regional security and stability.


        Ashley Spencer

        Ashley Spencer
        Lieutenant Commander
        Cumberland, Dragon, Blyth
        Military experience

        Born in Yorkshire, Ashley Spencer is a Politics and Economics graduate. After a short spell in the City, Ashley joined Britannia Royal Naval College as a Warfare Officer in 1999.

        Sub-specialising as a Mine Clearance Diver, he has enjoyed a diverse career, deploying globally on land and at sea, working in joint environments and alongside coalition partners.

        In June 2013, Ashley assumed command of MCM1 Crew 2 in HMS Blyth and generated his crew for deployed operations. Ashley assumed command of Bahrain based HMS Ramsey in January 2014. His interests include playing cricket, skiing and flying.




        Major mine test for five of Royal Navy's ships in the Gulf
        Major mine test for five of Royal Navy's ships in the Gulf
        11 March 2014

        Five of the Royal Navy's vessels patrolling the Gulf –...

        Double delight for minehunters with hotel homecoming after six-month Gulf mission
        15 January 2014

        Standing on the boarding stairs on the tarmac at RAF...

        HMS Ramsey in Bahrain run for cancer charity
        15 January 2014

        HMS Ramsey’s new crew kicked off their latest Gulf deployment,...

        Double delight as two minehunter crews enjoy unique homecoming
        09 January 2014

        Sailors who’ve spent six months in the Gulf keeping the...


        Maritime security - On Patrol

        CURRENT STATUS: active

        British ships and units are committed to operations around the world. Operations focus on maritime security, reassurance and wider regional engagement to build regional maritime capability.

        Operation Gulf MCMV

        CURRENT STATUS: active

        In support of wider British efforts in the region, minehunters are providing the capability to conduct route survey, sea-bed clearance, and mine clearance operations all over the Gulf. The operation also aims to provide a visible naval presence in a region where stability and good relations with local nations is vital. Much of the UK’s oil and gas, as well as other products, come from the Gulf region and as such these efforts are of vital importance to our economy and lifestyle.















        Top Speed


        Range (Nautical)

        2,500nautical miles

        Launch Date


        Commissioned date


        London to Birmingham

        25 times on one tank of fuel

        TAKE A LOOK




        HMS Ramsey HISTORY

        • The First Ramsey

          The first Ramsey was built as the Duke of Lancaster and was owned by the Lancaster and Yorkshire Railway. She was owned briefly by the Turkish Patriotic Committee, before being bought by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company in 1912, with a change of name to The Ramsey. She was requisitioned by the Admiralty on the 28th October 1914, and commissioned on the 20th November 1914, for use as an armed steamer.

        • Intercept and Attack

          Attached to the Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow, she was employed on night patrols. On the 8th August 1915 she intercepted a steamship flying the Russian flag, which was actually the German Auxillary Minesweeper Meteor. After being crippled by point-blank gunfire, Ramsey was struck amidships by a German torpedo and sunk.

        • Intercept and attack

          Five Officers including Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Harry Raby Royal Naval Reserve, and 50 ratings were lost, also a further four Officers and 39 ratings were taken prisoner. On the following day, the Meteor encountered superior British forces and scuttled herself, Ramsey’s crew returning home in the Undaunted.

        • The Second Ramsey

          The second Ramsey was originally the USS Meade, launched 29th May 1919.

        • Second World War

          During the Second World War she was transferred to the Royal Navy and commissioned at Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 26th 1940 as HMS Ramsey. After refit and trials at Devonport she joined the 5th escort based in Liverpool, providing local escort for Atlantic convoys. In June 1941 she joined the 22nd Escort Group based at St Johns, Newfoundland. After undergoing repairs and refit in Halifax, Boston she returned to the UK convoy HX200.

        • Refit

          Further work was done in Belfast and Clyde, Ramsey then joined the B6 Escort Group, Western Approaches Command. After one round trip she paid off for a long refit in Grimsby which lasted until 1943. Following this she became an Air Target Ship in the Irish Sea before finally paying off in July 1945.

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