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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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    12:26 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Exercise Joint Warrior

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    The Gulf

    11:20 GMT - 17 April 2014

    East of Suez

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    British Isles

    10:38 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Home Waters

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    Mediterranean Sea

    14:04 GMT - 15 April 2014


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    Indian Ocean

    11:15 GMT - 14 April 2014

    Search for MH370

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        Patrol Ships and Minehunters

        Patrol Ships and Minehunters are the smaller fighting ships of the Royal Navy. The world-leading mine countermeasures ships keep the sealanes safe from unexploded ordnance, while offshore patrol vessels play an important role in UK home waters by enforcing fishery laws and providing a presence in UK oil and gas fields. The smaller inshore patrol boats are adept and flexible units providing support to the Fleet and a unique insight to the Royal Navy for university students.

        • HMS Atherstone

          Minehunter HMS Atherstone is one of eight Hunt Class mine countermeasures ships based in Portsmouth. Built by Vosper Thornycroft, Atherstone (known affectionately as the Crazy A) was launched in March 1986.

          Athertson sets sail for a 3 year deployment.
        • HMS Pembroke

          Minehunter HMS Pembroke is one of seven Sandown-class minehunters based in Scotland. The hull and large amounts of the superstructure are built from glass reinforced plastic (GRP), ensuring a strong non-magnetic ship, fit to survive the shocks associated with minehunting activities.

          Patrol ships and Minehunters
        • HMS Echo

          Echo was launched at Appledore in Devon in 2002, and was designed to carry out a wide range of survey work, including support to submarine and amphibious operations, through the collection of oceanographic and bathymetric (analysis of the ocean, its salinity and sound profile) data.

          HMS Echo
        • HMS Archer

          HMS Archer is the first of the Archer P2000 class 20m Fast Patrol Boats built by Watercraft in 1985. She became the East Scotland Universities’ Royal Navy Unit (URNU) training vessel in July 2012. Edinburgh URNU is the newest of the 14 URNUs that were first formed in 1967.

          Patrol ships and Minehunters
        • HMS Tyne

          HMS Tyne is the first of a trio of River-class patrol ships built to safeguard the fishing stocks in UK.  The ship is one of the busiest in the Fleet. Like younger sisters Severn and Mersey, she spends on average nine out of every ten days of the year at sea.

          HMS Tyne
        • HMS Ramsey

          HMS Ramsey is one of four Royal Navy Mine Countermeasures Vessels stationed continuously “East of Suez”. Operating from a naval facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain, she is fitted with a modern variable-depth sonar, world-class remotely-operated underwater vehicles and decompression facilities for military divers.

          HMS Ramsey
        • HMS Protector

          HMS Protector, the Royal Navy’s Ice patrol Ship is deployed on operations for 330 days a year, is capable of positioning to pinpoint accuracy in winds of up to 80 knots and is fitted with an impressive array of specialist equipment, including: a hull mounted multi-beam echo sounder; a state-of-the-art survey motor boat (SMB), ‘James Caird IV’; an 8.5m ramped Work Boat, ‘Terra Nova’; 7 high-speed rigid inflatable and inflatable boats; 3 quad bikes and trailers, and 3 Land Rovers and 2 trailers.

          HMS Protector


        • Royal Navy begins testing ‘remote controlled minehunter’16/04/2014

          A remote-controlled boat that can search, hunt and destroy mines will be tested by the Royal Navy before the end of the year.

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        • Brocklesby returns home from NATO deployment11/04/2014

          Portsmouth-based minehunter HMS Brocklesby returned home today (April 11) after two-and-a-half months deployed away from UK waters.

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        • Brocklesby flies the flag on NATO operations24/03/2014

          On the 29th January 2014, HMS Brocklesby sailed from Portsmouth for a stormy trip across the Bay of Biscay to join the Standing NATO Mine Counter Measure Group in the Mediterranean.

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        • Reservist awarded prestigious medal for oustanding service21/03/2014

          A Royal Naval Reservist who works as the senior training officer for the Wales University Royal Naval Unit has been awarded the Queen’s Voluntary Reserves Medal.

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        • Baton down the hatches as HMS Clyde hosts Commonwealth Games symbol20/03/2014

          Falklands patrol ship HMS Clyde helped deliver the Commonwealth Games baton to the islands’ capital Stanley on the latest stage of its 118,000 mile journey. The ship was left with more than just memories of the day – Clyde the Thistle, the event’s official mascot, was donated to the vessel as a thank-you.

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