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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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    12:26 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Exercise Joint Warrior

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    The Gulf

    11:20 GMT - 17 April 2014

    East of Suez

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    Mediterranean Sea

    14:04 GMT - 15 April 2014


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    Indian Ocean

    11:15 GMT - 14 April 2014

    Search for MH370

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    British Isles

    09:40 GMT - 24 April 2014

    Home Waters

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        Destroyers are part of the backbone of the Royal Navy, committed around the world 365 days a year hunting pirates, drug runners or submarines, defending the Fleet from air attack, and providing humanitarian aid after natural disasters

        • HMS Daring

          HMS Daring is the first of the Navy’s six £1bn Type 45 destroyers and in early 2012 she was the first of class to deploy with a seven-month stint in the Gulf protecting shipping and working with regional partners, spending 139 days at sea, visiting 12 different countries, and travelling more than 34,643 nautical miles.

          HMS Daring
        • HMS Dauntless

          HMS Dauntless, the second of the Type 45 destroyers, joined the Fleet in November 2010, shortly after being the first of class to fire the new Sea Viper missile.

          HMS Dauntless
        • HMS Diamond

          HMS Diamond is the third of Britain's fleet of six Type 45 destroyers. Launched on the Clyde by our sponsor, Lady Johns, in November 2007, the ship arrived in Portsmouth in the autumn of 2010 and was commissioned in the spring of 2011. She deployed in June 2012 on her maiden deployment to the Gulf and was the last RN ship home before Christmas.

          All seeing eyes of the Fleet link up in the Gulf as a Bagger Sea King joins HMS Diamond
        • HMS Defender

          HMS Defender is the fifth of the Navy’s six state-of-the-art Type 45 destroyers – Defender was built in Glasgow which is one of her two affiliated cities (the other is Exeter). After delivery to her home port of Portsmouth in July 2012 and acceptance into the Fleet in March 2013, she underwent extensive sea trials and training in order to undertake operational duties anywhere in the world when tasked.

          HMS Defender
        • HMS Edinburgh

          HMS Edinburgh – known as the ‘Fortress of the Sea’ – was the nation’s last serving Type 42 destroyer, a veteran of the destroyer fleet known as the workhorses of the Royal Navy. The ship has now decommissioned, bringing to an end the era of the Type 42s.

          HMS Edinburgh
        • HMS Liverpool

          HMS Liverpool was the last survivor of the original Type 42 destroyers built in the 1970s and early 1980s. Known sometimes as the Crazy Red Chicken courtesy of the red Liver Bird on the ship’s badge, Liverpool was the last ‘shortened’ Type 42 in service with the Royal Navy. At the start of 2011, she was preparing herself to sail with the Responsive Force Task Group on the Cougar deployment. As the events in Libya developed, the tasking was changed to provide the UK contribution to the NATO Op Unified Protector.

          HMS Liverpool
        • HMS Dragon

          HMS Dragon is the fourth of the Royal Navy's six Type 45 destroyers and was launched on 7 November 2008 by her sponsor, Mrs Susie Boissier. After successfully completing extensive trials, Dragon was formally commissioned on 20 April 2012. Only 11 months later, after a successful firing of a Sea Viper missile, BOST and a material readiness package she sailed for her maiden deployment on 19 March 2013 returning in November to her base port in Portsmouth.  

          HMS Dragon


        • HMS Dragon eyes a Russian destroyer24/04/2014

          In an example of routine work for the Royal Navy’s Fleet Ready Escort, the ship’s company of HMS Dragon have tracked, and met up with, the Vice Admiral Kulakov - a large Russian destroyer - as it transits past the United Kingdom.

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        • Philippines thank UK military for help after last year’s devastating typhoon22/04/2014

          Senior officials from the Philippines have thanked the team in charge of the UK Armed Forces’ month-long response to the typhoon which devastated their islands last year. The Royal Navy – spearheaded by HMS Daring and Illustrious – and the RAF in particular played a key role in delivering aid and providing help last November and December.

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        • HMS Diamond stocks up for second half of deployment15/04/2014

          As she reaches the midway point of her Mediterranean deployment HMS Diamond has taken on fuel and supplies from the French tanker FS Var.

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        • A Double Diamond Milestone28/03/2014

          The flight commander and pilot of a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter have reached career milestones of 2,000 and 1,000 flying hours respectively on the same day of their current deployment.

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        • Sailors celebrate their mums this Mother’s Day28/03/2014

          Wherever they are in the world this Sunday Royal Navy sailors will be celebrating Mother’s Day.

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