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        HMS Albion

        HMS Albion

        HMS Albion, along with her sister ship HMS Bulwark, is one of the Navy’s two amphibious assault ships with a single aim: to deliver the punch of the Royal Marines ashore by air and by sea. We do that using landing craft from our cavernous loading dock – the ship can flood her stern to allow the boats in and out – and helicopters from our vast flight deck.

        HMS Albion

        Like our younger sister HMS Bulwark we were built at Barrow-in-Furness, where we were launched in March 2001 by Princess Anne. We are based in Devonport, the home of the Navy’s amphibious fleet. Our motto is ‘fortiter, fideliter, feliciter’ – ‘boldly, faithfully, successfully’ and we live to that maxim.

        Albion in currently in a period of extended readiness since early 2012.




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        The head of the Response Force Task Group, Commodore John Kingwell, has praised the sailors, marines, airmen and soldiers for their achievement since the start of the year
        Response Force Task Group proves its strength
        11 November 2011

        The head of the Response Force Task Group, Commodore John...















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        HMS Albion


        HMS Albion HISTORY

        • The First Albion

          There have been eight previous ships with the name HMS Albion in the Royal Navy, beginning with a sailing line-of-battle ship launched in 1763, which – just as the current Albion – was the name ship of the class.

        • War of American Independence

          The first Albion saw action during the War of American Independence, where from 1779 she bore the brunt of the battle in fights off Grenada, Dominica and Martinique. She ran aground in 1797 and was completely wrecked.

        • The Second Albion

          The 366-ton sloop Albion of 1798 was bought for the Navy, she was an ex-merchant vessel that had served as a hired Armed ship with RN crew. After several years as convoy escort, she was sold in 1803.

        • The Third Albion

          The third was a 74-gun third rate line-of-battle ship with a crew of 590. She took part in Admiral Cornwallis’ blockade of Brest in 1803 before heading out for service in the Indian Ocean for a number of years.

        • Battles and Fourth and Fifth Albions

          After lengthy repair in Portsmouth, the third Albion took part in the war with America, the War of 1812, then once peace was settled in 1815, she joined with the Anglo-Dutch fleet bombarding Algiers in 1816 where she won the name’s first battle honour. The next was netted for her part in the Anglo-French-Russian fleet at the battle of Navarino. She was broken up in 1836. During her time, the name Albion was put into service twice more upon two smaller cutters (1808 and 1812).

        • Battle Honours

          Algiers 1816

        • Battle Honours

          Navarino 1827

        • The Sixth Albion

          This neatly brings us to the sixth Albion – launched at Plymouth in 1842, she sprang into action at the first bombardment of Sebastapol in the Crimean War in 1854. She was broken up in 1884.

        • Battle Honours

          Crimea 1854-5

        • The Seventh Albion

          The seventh ship was a Canopus-class battleship of 14,000 tones, launched in 1898 – a launch that caused the death of onlookers standing on a dangerous slipway. Early in the war, she was joined by others of her class in the Mediterranean, bombarding Turkish positions in the Dardanelles; two of her sisters were sunk, and Albion was badly damaged by Turkish fire covering the Gallipoli landings.

        • Battle Honours

          Dardanelles 1915

        • Sold

          HMS Albion was sold in 1919, and once again, during her time, smaller ships also bore the name: the trawler Albion II; the Bristol Channel paddle steamer; and the steam yacht Albion III.

        • The Eighth Albion

          The eighth Albion was a Centaur Class Light Aircraft Carrier / Commando Helicopter Carrier, of 22,000 tons, that served from 1954 to 1973. She was known as “The Old Grey Ghost”.

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