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Welfare Benefits

Don’t assume that by being in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines that you and your family are not entitled to any welfare benefit support. Welfare benefits exist to cover a multitude of circumstances and conditions that are as applicable to the Armed Forces as they are to your civilian counterparts.

Government Services and Information

Naval Families Federation

the independent voice of royal naval and royal marines families

Pregnancy & Benefits

Congratulations, you are expecting a baby and may be wondering what support you are entitled to regarding Welfare Benefits 

Whether you are working or claiming benefits already, you will be entitled to at least some additional support.

Child Centred Benefits

As a parent you are entitled to certain benefits. Your eligibility is dependent on your circumstances, but here are some of the family and child orientated benefits you may wish to consider: Child Benefit , Child Trust Fund or Child Tax Credit 

Work Related Benefits

Just because you work doesn’t mean that there is not further provision with Working Tax Credit and Jobseeker’s Allowance  being available dependant on eligibility.

Sickness and Disability Benefits

Whether you are unable to work due to injury, a short-term illness or are affected by a permanent disability,  there is likely to be a benefit to suit your circumstance and need.

Family Breakdown Support and Benefits

Unfortunately not all things may last forever, and separation and divorce is part of the reality of life. Should you and your partner split, you will need to know where you stand financially. This is particularly important if you are not earning and / or have residency of children. It is recommended that you view your options regarding Child Maintenance  or seek direct advice from the Child Support Agency (CSA)

Bereavement and Benefits

In the main, Service life is stressful and challenging, but reasonably safe. Occasionally, however, things do not go as planned. In the event of a conflict or incident, it can be reassuring to know what support is available if the worst was to happen. Service provision is detailed in the specific Armed Forces Pension Scheme applicable to your pension scheme AFPS 75  or AFPS 05 You may also be entitled to government funded Bereavement Benefits that range from one-off payments to assist with funeral costs to a widowed parents allowance.




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