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Stress Management

Stress is part of life. It can have a wide range of effects from increasing performance to causing ill health. Whether at work or home, sea or shore, life can throw all sorts of challenges at us, which can affect stress levels.

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Are you stressed?

What makes us stressed tends to be very individual and we all respond differently to stress. Some of us get stressed over things that our friends just shrug off. This can raise our feelings of anxiety even more, thus reducing our abilities to cope with the pressure and making us even more stressed.

So what makes us stressed and how do we cope?

Workplace stress

If you believe you are among the one in five people who suffer from workplace stress, then the advice within the Directgov site may assist you and prevent you from becoming one of the half a million people annually reporting that they have become ill from this.  

You and Your Partner and Family Pressures

Relationships can often be a source of stress. Our relationships change when we grow older and mature. This is especially true when children come along. You concentrate on your own situation and sometimes forget how it affects your partner. Soon you have a gulf in understanding, and ultimately this could impact on relationships. The Stress Management Society’s  relationship experts can help you with this.

Money Matters

In recognition of this the NHS have launched a telephone helpline for people suffering from “credit crunch stress” the number is 0300 123 2000 with further details on their NHS Choices website.

If you have concerns over any form of stress you can also always contact NPFS or RMW for confidential help and advice.

Advice and assistance for dealing with all forms of stress can also be found via the Counselling Directory website




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