Royal Marines Officer

Eligibility and qualifications

What are we looking for

People with the ability to lead in extraordinary circumstances. Who can think on their feet and enjoy being responsible. People who thrive on challenges and know the value of teamwork – because at the end of the day, lives are at stake.


180 UCAS points (including 2 non-overlapping subject areas).  Each subject must be allocated at least 45 UCAS points.  Five GCSEs (A* to C) or Scottish Standard Grades or equivalent, which must include English Language and Maths.

Please use our UCAS calculator tool if you're unsure of your points total.

You must be aged between 17 and 25 years.

Skills and interests

You should like:

  • Leading and Managing People
  • Responsibility and Decision Making
  • Outdoor Activities
  • A Sense of Adventure

You should have these skills:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Good Physical and Mental Stamina
  • Reliable
  • Honesty and Integrity 

Career Progression

Skills for life

We give you all the specialist skills you’ll need to excel at your job. But you can also build on this knowledge throughout your career. And because you will have the chance to gain qualifications that are recognised and valued by both the Royal Navy and civilian employers – like NVQs, BTWC awards or even university degrees – you will develop an enviable set of transferrable skills.

Development as a Royal Marines Officer
University short courses in subjects such as management, politics and international relations are available free of charge. During your training, you can use our library to keep up with current affairs and any other reading you need to do.


Like all careers in the Royal Navy, where and how far you go during your time as an officer is up to you – and depends on your choices and achievements.

To start off with, during your training you will be known as a Young Officer and have the rank of a Second Lieutenant. Once you’ve finished your training you’ll be commissioned as a Lieutenant. Prove yourself and you could move up to become a Major General – the highest rank possible in the Royal Marines.

Pay and benefits

Joining the Royal Marines means more than just travel being part of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. It also gives you job security that is hard to come by in civilian life.

You’ll also benefit from free medical care, help with housing and discounts on living costs. And if you’re interested in getting qualifications, we can fund you through your studies.

Initially we will offer you a career for 12 years. For commandos, when you are first promoted your offer will be extended to 20 years or until age 40, whichever is later. For officers, you will automatically receive this same extension when you achieve a key point in your career path or by selection on merit. Everyone may have the opportunity to serve beyond this, depending what you would like to do and the needs of the Royal Marines.

If you would like to leave the Royal Marines you can send us your request one year before completing your return of service. A return of service is the length of time you must stay in the Royal Marines after you reach a certain stage in your training. Ultimately it will depend on the branch you join but the return of service is usually around 4 years.

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