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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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As an engineer in the Royal Navy you’ll be called on to deploy your skills in some of the world’s most high impact situations – because technology is at the heart of everything we do. It means the variety of engineering roles available to you in the Royal Navy is unrivalled. And the technical knowledge you’ll develop goes far beyond anything you would learn in a civilian apprenticeship.

Put your skills to the test

With the opportunity to work on everything from gas turbines to tomahawk missiles, submarines to jets, the weapon, marine and air engineering branches open onto a wide range of possible roles. There’s also the option to work as a training management officer and make sure that Royal Navy personnel have the skills and qualifications that enable to operate under all conditions.

Where else would your technical skills have the power to turn critical situations around? If you think you have what it takes to join the team of Royal Navy engineers take a look at the role types below or use the Role Finder to learn more about our engineering jobs.

Case study

Weapon Engineer

Katie joined Welbeck before moving on to be a sponsored RN Bursar at University. Having completed her initial training she is now responsible for keeping the combat systems of a Type 23 Frigate operational 24/7.

Lifelong learning

When you join the Royal Navy we will give you all the specialist skills you’ll need. But you can also build on this knowledge throughout your career.

Roles by service

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a sophisticated global operation with a fleet of highly specialised ships. We use advanced techniques that allow us to replenish and support Royal Navy warships all over the world, any time they need crucial supplies.

Submarine Service

As a Submariner you will be living and working in an extraordinary, covert environment. Where you’ll be part of a close-knit community where lives literally depend on your ability to work as part of a team, safely and with great attention to detail.

Surface Fleet

The Royal Navy's Surface Fleet is one of the world’s most impressive naval powers, made up of aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates. When you join you’ll be key to our operational effectiveness around the globe – in times of conflict or humanitarian emergency.  

Related roles

Air Engineering Technician

As a vital part of our air operations team, you’ll take charge of aircraft maintenance and servicing.

Marine Engineer Officer

You'll lead a team of skilled technicians. Together, you'll make sure all the ship's systems run smoothly.

Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

You’ll be part of the team that makes sure the ship's systems, from the engines to the hydraulics run smoothly.


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