Sport And Fitness

You might be an elite athlete with your heart set on Olympic glory. An avid rugby player who’d like to train as part of your job. It could be that you’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane. Or you simply want to smash your PB. It could even be all four. We can help you achieve all of them, and many more.


Sport and staying fit play a vital role in your life in the Royal Navy. The combination of physical education, sport and adventurous training is at the core of the physical and mental fitness you’ll need for Naval life. It means you’ll hone your leadership, teamwork and self-discipline, so you can perform at your very best, on and off the sports field. You’ll make friends – and maybe some enemies – along the way, too.

The focus on fitness also helps the Royal Navy remain effective in protecting our nation’s interests as part of the UK’s combined Armed Forces. We call it ‘Fit to Fight & Fit for Life’. It’s why we champion a huge variety of sports, delivered through world-class facilities, whether you’re onshore or on a frigate in the South Pacific. It’s also why you have the opportunity, with the right drive and dedication, to compete in national, international, and even Olympic competitions.


You’ll find all the familiar sports like football, rugby and tennis, as well as ones that are a little more leftfield, from judo and skydiving, to kite surfing and bobsleigh. And once a year, you’ll go on adventurous training, where you can do anything from skiing and sub-aqua diving, to canoeing and caving – and really push your life without limits.

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