Sport & fitness

First class facilities. A huge variety of sports. And the opportunity to compete in national, international and even Olympic competitions – if you have the drive and talent. Whatever level you play at, being in the Royal Navy means staying in peak physical shape.

But it also means travel, seeing the world in a way no tourist will ever do so – and the chance to form lifelong friendships along the way.

Being active in the Royal Navy

Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to sport. They’re your chance to play all the familiar sports like football, golf, rugby and tennis.  But you’ll also be able to try your hand at some new ones too, like parachuting, orienteering, bobsleigh, ice hockey, archery or kite surfing. The list goes on.

Plus, once a year you’ll have the chance to go on an adventure training week to build on the leadership, teamwork and self-discipline skills you already have – and keep you sharp for military and peacetime operations.

Sports and fitness

Physical education

Physical education

When you’re in the Royal Navy you can try your hand at literally any physical activity. From angling and archery, to gliding, golf, judo, kite surfing, polo, rugby league or rugby union, surfing, tennis and triathlon – and plenty of winter sports too. The list goes on.

    Adventurous training

    Adventurous training

    Sub-aqua diving. Canoeing. Caving. Mountaineering. Ski touring. Parachuting – and more. When you’re in the Royal Navy you will have the opportunity to go on adventure training weeks – and further develop your leadership skills while enjoying a life without limits.

      Elite athletes

      Elite athletes

      If you’re driven and excel at your chosen sport, we will support you to compete at the highest level. Just like we did with Peter Reed who won Olympic gold in the men’s four rowing in both Beijing and London. And Royal Marine, Christopher Sherrington, who won gold in judo at the Samoa World Cup.

        Physical training

        Physical training

        Physical Education addresses the core requirement for physical fitness by promoting a life-long exercise habit and healthy lifestyle, underlining the importance of these in a Naval context.

          Sports Portal

          Royal Navy sports portal

          Sport plays a very important part in life in the Royal Navy and makes a major contribution to Physical Development through fitness, teamwork, leadership, competitive spirit and military ethos. Sports facilities are provided by the MOD and are second to none.

            Royal Marines sport & fitness

            Royal Marines work hard and play hard too. Because staying in great shape comes with the territory. So you’ll have the chance to do a huge range of sports – from rugby to rock climbing. What’s more, if you’re talented and driven enough, we’ll support you to compete at national, international or even Olympic level.

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