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If you’re going to excel at the Pre Joining Fitness Test and your initial training too, it’s critical that you get in the best possible shape. To help we have put together two different eight week training schedules – one for the Royal Navy and one for the Royal Marines. These will get your fitness levels to what they should be.

Ideally you should follow the programme for the full eight weeks prior to joining so you can get the most out of it – and increase your chances of success.

Download the Royal Navy Fitness Guide (PDF)

Fitness standards


Being in the Royal Navy is physically demanding. This is why to join the ranks you’ll have to be fit enough to successfully perform your duties. So you will need to pass the Pre Joining Fitness Test during the selection testing – and during the first weeks of training as well.

This involves completing a 2.4km run on a treadmill at a fitness centre near you. Below are the times you’ll need to meet according to your age and sex.

Royal Navy Pre Joining Fitness Test




15 - 24

11 mins 09 secs

13 mins 10 secs

25 - 29

11 mins 33 secs

13 mins 37 secs

30 - 34

11 mins 58 secs

14 mins 05 secs

35 - 39

12 mins 23 secs

14 mins 33 secs


Royal Navy Diver

If you’re applying to the Diver Branch you’ll have to complete the run in 10 minutes 30 seconds whatever age you are. 

Mine Clearance Diver - Get Fit to Join Booklet (PDF)

Royal Marines and Royal Marines Reserves

The Royal Marines Pre Joining Fitness Test is slightly different. You will have to complete two 2.4km runs (1.5 miles) each with the treadmill set at a 2% incline. To pass you will need to do the first run in under 12 minutes 30 seconds. Then complete the second 2.4km run immediately afterwards in less than 10 minutes – regardless of your age.

Medical criteria


To deal with everything that life in the Royal Navy throws at you, you’ll need to be medically fit too. Here, you can find everything you need to know about the standards you need to meet, whether that’s to do with eyesight, pre-existing or temporary medical conditions – and even height and weight.

You’ll have your initial medical and eye examination somewhere near you. Your AFCO can arrange this for you.

Height and Weight

For all Royal Navy jobs you will need to be a minimum height of 151.5cm. For the Royal Marines and Royal Marine Reserves there is also a minimum weight requirement of 65kg. You must also be within the healthy range for Body Mass Index (BMI). Read the full medical criteria for further details.

Medical standards

The Royal Navy medical criteria that you will need to meet are thorough. This is because working with us can be very demanding on your body. This is why there are certain pre-existing medical conditions and ongoing illnesses that may prevent you from joining the Royal Navy.

These include everything from respiratory problems such as asthma, and musculoskeletal conditions, such as joint operations or recurrent back pain, to heart and cardiovascular disorders including high blood pressure, and skin disorders including eczema and active acne.

For the full list of medical criteria, download our eligibility and guidance notes.


Eyesight standards

The minimum standards for uncorrected and corrected vision vary for different branches in the Royal Navy and are determined by Royal Navy medical staff.

Whatever branch you are applying for, with the exception of Chaplain, your spectacle or contact lens correction must not be greater than +/- 6.00 dioptres. For Chaplains the correction must not be greater than +/- 7.00 dioptres.

If you have impaired colour perception (colour blindness) this may restrict the branches that are available to you.

Initial training

Now the real work begins with basic training at either HMS Raleigh or Britannia Royal Naval College. Have you got what it takes to make it through and join the ranks?


Everyone joining the Royal Navy has to meet some basic entry requirements. These differ depending on the service you’d like to join, whether you want to be an officer or a rating – and whether you’d like to be a full time regular or a spare time Reserve. See if you’re eligible to join.

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