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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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What the Navy Does

About the Navy

As an Island nation, our prosperity and security is totally dependent on our ability to access the sea. The UK is reliant on a stable global market for the raw materials, energy and manufactured goods which underpin our way of life and, in a globalised world, we must have the ability to respond to any event that threatens our economy or national interests.


This set of documents will help you understand how the Royal Navy is protecting your interests now and in the future: 

What the Navy Does

Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier Strike: PDF

Commando Lead

Lead Commando Task Group: PDF


Response Force Task Group: PDF

Ships and Submarines

Ships and Submarines: PDF

Future Navy

The Future Navy Vision: PDF

RN Core

The RN Core Strategic Message: PDF

RM Vision

Royal Marines Vision: PDF

Current Operations

Current RN Operations: PDF

Cross Goverment

RN Cross Government Contribution: PDF

Global Trade

RN and Global Trade Security: PDF

Rn and Libya

RN Contribution to Libya: PDF

RN and Middle east

RN in the Middle East: PDF

Surface Fleet

Surface Fleet Information: PDF


Submarine Service Information: PDF

Fleet Air Arm

Fleet Air Arm Information: PDF


Royal Fleet Auxiliary: PDF


Maritime Reserves Information: Pdf

Royal Marines

Royal Marines Information: PDF

RN Values

RN Values in Society: PDF